Apple iPad (6th Gen) 2018: Unboxing & Review


In-Depth Review of the 6th Generation 9.7″ Apple iPad for 2018 in all colors – now with support for Apple Pencil. Also included is a comparison to the iPad Pros and iPad 5th Gen.

Apple Pencil Video:








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  1. Edmund Eldergill
    Edmund Eldergill says:

    I've had this one for about a year now and it's very poor. Bad WiFi connectivity, incredibly quiet, tinny speakers and sluggish accelerometer plus a host of other more minor niggles. It only cost £329 but I honestly don't think the hardware is any better than a £100 Chinese tablet. Look at the Pro or don't bother would be my advice. You certainly won't be getting a premium product.

  2. Karolyn Vance
    Karolyn Vance says:

    The iPad lineup is unfortunately the only good thing about Apple at the moment. No other manufacturer has been able to beat Apple's top-class innovation when it comes to making tablets.

  3. Sean Nixon
    Sean Nixon says:

    All Apple products with this dude right here!!! I just don’t see the sense in paying a whole lot for a iPad especially when this iPad is a very affordable option and the pencil is DEFINITELY a plus!! I just wish that the screen protector wasn’t so damn much


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