Apple iPad 2017 Review: Pure and simple


Apple iPad 2017 review: Apple released an iPad this year, not with the usual bang of its San Francisco-based keynotes but rather the whimper of an innocuous press release. However, despite Apple’s apparent disinterest in touting its new tablet, it really is a bit of a gem.

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19 replies
  1. kechot cool
    kechot cool says:

    pure and simple ftw. really good review for someone(me) who still does not have any prior ipad. lots of other vids always trying to compare it with previous gen of ipad and ipad pro line. which does not really reviewing the 'new' ipad. great review btw

  2. Zackeroo HQ
    Zackeroo HQ says:

    One feature that this iPad should have is the hey Siri without needing to be connected to power. That is a features which is there on the iPhone 6s so they should have allowed it on this iPad since it is the same processor.

  3. soni manutd
    soni manutd says:

    the price is less, yes… but that is no reason to cut corners on hardware quality eg. reflective screen and thickness/weight. with that price yet with the same quality build as the airpad 2, apple would still make money… in fact, while the tablet market is stagnating incl. ipad, that strategy would probably make people upgrade or even bring in new users…


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