Apple AirPods Review: Fully Wireless!


AirPods: fully wireless earbuds that launched with iPhone 7. The hype is over… are they any good?

Jaybird X3 Review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: 22 (shawn wasabi bootleg)




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  1. Not Quadity
    Not Quadity says:

    airpods suck, the only good part about them is the chip. that's convenient as shit. my ex waved them in front of my ipad and i was like "what the FUCK?". she had a good chuckle.

  2. vknesh
    vknesh says:

    When people used to laugh at this now they literally are a status symbol. I feel sorry for the people who bought it in 2016/2017 they get judged so much.

  3. Anthony Rader
    Anthony Rader says:

    I love the wired IPod headphones and researching the wireless ones…. Your video was very informative and honest. Best one and only one that covered this issue of mine. Thank you. Apple 8Plus user.

  4. Denver Colorado
    Denver Colorado says:

    Yesterday I went to the Apple store because my airpods had a 70-80 minute battery. They replaced them, but with the new ones, the result is the same! So Apple will have released a bad software update!?
    After they switch off and I put them back in the case, the battery goes immediately from 0 to 70%. It is as if they lost the memory of their autonomy.
    The battery life has suddenly decreased by one third. I’m really annoyed for that. Has anyone found this anomaly? (I try with ipad too and the problem is not my iphone)


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