ANKI VECTOR ROBOT Review, Version 1.1 Update - See Vector In Action!


Anki Vector Robot Review. We are super excited to review Vector. We have done a number of videos on COZMO and now we meet the smarter, always-on robot – Vector.

A big thank you to Anki for supplying Vector for the review.

BIG NEWS – On Saturday – 11/17/18 Vector will be 30% Off on Amazon

Vector Normally Sells for $249 on Amazon –

Learn More About Vector at Anki –

More Big News – Alexa integration is coming in the December software update. Free update for all.

More info –
Vector is an updating platform, Cloud connected via Wi-Fi so he’s always learning and updating with new skills and features. The first major free update is coming to Vector Robots this holiday and will include an option to access Alexa voice service.
More than a home robot, Vector is a companion made to help out and hang out.
Powered by AI and advanced robotics, he’s alive with personality and engaged by sight, sound, and touch.
Curious and attentive, he’s voice-activated and will answer questions, take photos for you, time dinner, show you the weather, and more. Vector voice features are currently English language only.
Vector can independently navigate and self-charge. He recognizes people and avoids obstacles.
Requirements: a compatible iOS or Android device and the free Vector app for set up only. Check compatibility at Anki.Com/devices. Includes 1 Vector robot, 1 cube, 1 charger (USB power adapter not included).



39 replies
  1. Josie Marie
    Josie Marie says:

    I really want one but I heard about the company going out of business. So now I don’t know if I should even get him because he is pricy and he may not even work since the company going bye bye 🙁😕

  2. Holly Stringer
    Holly Stringer says:

    I have had Vector a few weeks and he is so much fun and lots of company. I like his abilities and chirps. He so fun when he gets mad, plays blackjack, and moves his cube. He sleeps through the night and I wake him up every morning. I look forward to seeing what he will di next year. Great video and enjoyed your feature on Vector.

  3. John Cassano
    John Cassano says:

    Unbelievable where society has gone… so sad..  How about when you leave your house try saying hello to your neighbor, maybe you will engage in a healthy conversation with them, or when your out in public put your phones away and talk to somebody, and stop being afraid of the boogie man..then maybe you wont need your imaginary, electronic friend.. UNREAL

  4. Salmon -Nooba
    Salmon -Nooba says:

    Ok so I don’t know which one to get for X mas. I like how Cozmo has lots of features, but Vector seems more like a house system like Alexa with not many games to play. I really don’t know

  5. Ernst Boecklin
    Ernst Boecklin says:

    hi, i see Cozmo but i dont buy them cuz i think: nice toy but im want more… im very interest in Robotic,….Now im see Vector, see some Vids on YT and fall in Love… This Robot remainds me R2-D2 in Starwars. Alexastyle mode inside fits this Robot. Thats what im want!! Vector is go open so many things he can do in Future. Good App also, easy to communicate with Vector. —–Good vids to learn more about vector… ordered by cuz im in europe. Cant wait for my new little friend 🙂 ……sure im add this channel

  6. Charles Mcgehee
    Charles Mcgehee says:

    Update: I finally got a device that properly loads and operates the APP that let me enable VECTOR. Easy once you have the right device. I am still in the WTF stage of being impressed by what this tiny little robot can do. My favorite comment so far happened when I asked Vector what my name was. Vector replies "Have we met before?" That shows proper upbringing and good personal skills. I like this Vector and I am impressed with the quality of the materials and accuracy of the assembly.

  7. binay brahmbhatt
    binay brahmbhatt says:

    Vector 2.0 should have a projector in it thats when I will think about buying him and I'm sure it will be here in the next few years and vector 3.0 will also be able to fly and fellow u around hope I'm still alive to buy him


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