Android Wear: State of Wearable Tech!


Android Wear has arrived! The State of Wearable Tech has changed forever.

Top 5 Wearable Tech:

Video Gear I use:

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  1. LoL Exabite
    LoL Exabite says:

    Aahhh, the "Eyephone" episode… Fantastic touch. In the end, you said "Thanks for watching.", and I was like, "*ERM"… One last thing, you look pretty fly with those Google glasses.

  2. Aoijinsei
    Aoijinsei says:

    I personally like the pebble because it tries to accentuate the phone rather than replace it. I like the fact that I can use it for about a week before I have to charge it. It's also very modifiable when it comes to apps and watchfaces. I feel like no matter how many changes other companies make to revolutionize smartwatches, the original ideas behind pebble is what makes it the most practical. I find it a pain to leave home without it.


    See a lot of comments about ''why I want smartwatch?''… Well, when I first heard about that I also thought the same thing… My daily job is killing me with messages, calls + I work with a lot of people so sometimes (since I'm busy) I just put my phone somewhere to deal with customers and partners. Since I bought Pebble, my life really got easier. I don't need to turn on my phone every 10 minutes, I can just leave it and don't care about notifications, calls since the watch will vibrate and I just go get it, no need to have it on me all the time… Plus I have 6 inch screen so it's hard to fit it in my pocket. I have a large phone since I deal with a lot of documents, PDF's and stuff. Anyway… Thank God for smartwatches. Love it, just fucking loooove it and can recommend to every damn busy person out there.

  4. Ben Junya
    Ben Junya says:

    Android Wear dev here. I've got the LG watch. It's pretty awesome! Of course, we're all excited to build for the moto360!

    Android Wear is easy to program for, since it's already built on top of Android. Plus, the G watch has 2 day battery life, looks ok outside, and feels very natural and unobtrusive. 

    Either way, any of these devices looks great, and I'm looking forward to seeing what other developers are going to build.


    i always wanted to ask how can you get free item to talk about on you show i have a radio and a youtube show but people want to see the items so who can i talk to so i can show these new products meaning phones, smart watch's and many more 

  6. Siciliano
    Siciliano says:

    As far as the Moto 360 turning on – I believe they will just utilize the internal sensors to program the general movement you make when you lift your hand to look at the time.  Whenever that movement is detected, the display will turn on.

  7. jdvillao
    jdvillao says:

    Moto 360 is beautiful, but I don't use watches, and I'm not sure if this new wereable stuff will have success. But I have to admit, if I would use watches, the Moto 360 would got me, is so beautiful.

  8. BossGamerKnowsBest
    BossGamerKnowsBest says:

    I'm planning on getting the pebble but I would get the first galaxy gear if it worked with the moto g since its on sale for $99 but if I find the moto 360 to be cheap then will get it for my moto g

  9. Rafael De La Torre
    Rafael De La Torre says:

    Maybe to keep the look of a natural watch (and just avoid charging ports all together) they should try wireless charging. It would be nice setting the watch down to charge then just picking it up to go when you need it with no pulling or hassles. That is if they haven't already 😅

  10. Matthew Gonzales
    Matthew Gonzales says:

    You know, I'm not convinced that this watch movement is going to work. The entire reason why most people don't wear watches anymore is because they got cell phones that told time and more. We already got to the point where we said we'd sacrifice the convenience of a wrist time-teller for this all-in-one candy bar smartphone.

    For a while, I was really getting into the idea of an Apple iWatch, but then I started thinking that this has got to be a failed market. As much as I can say I'd want one, it's like literally the stupidest idea considering what was responsible for killing the watch.


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