Android tablet with a built in projector - Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro Review -


See the 10 inch Yoga Tablet 2 review here:

We looked at a uniquely designed tablet from Lenovo recently called the Yoga Tablet 2, and this week we take a look at the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro.

This is a larger version of the Yoga Tablet, with a beautiful 13.3″ quad HD display. It’s definitely not something that works as a reader, but it does do nicely as a portable video device.

The projector is an interesting component. I had trouble getting it to focus sharply, due mostly to the rather sticky focus control on the device. The projector is adequately bright in a dark room, but it will get washed out in lit rooms. It’ll work great outdoors at night but during the day you’ll want to put some blinds down and get the room as dark as possible.

The performance on the device is impressive thanks to its Intel Atom processor (the same one in the 10 inch version). It even is slightly faster in its 3D performance over the 10 inch tablet, likely due to the higher resolution display it is driving.

Sound is improved over the 10 inch version also. There’s a subwoofer built in that doesn’t add much ‘boom’ but does expand the range of sound. It’s loud enough to carry across a room for sure.

Think of the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro as a portable IP television as opposed to a tablet. It’s large but very much focused on multimedia viewing.

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14 replies
  1. SOUPRUN01
    SOUPRUN01 says:

    Terrifick review.   thanks. very much keep up good work.  remind me of depalma, documentary, takking about use of camera angles.   so brillianty

  2. Adrien Allard
    Adrien Allard says:

    I think the greatest value of such a device with a projector would be for portable business, education and training presentations (if the image is sharp enough to read power point presentations).

  3. tozeleal
    tozeleal says:

    Try use emulators on this device… Because i think they aren't compatible because the CPU of this tablet is an 86x! And most of the emulators are made for arm


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