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  1. Midnight Werewolf
    Midnight Werewolf says:

    The tablet he was holding at the beginning was my first tablet but it was good until black spots appeared on it so I didn't have another tablet for 5 years now I have a lenovo tab e 7 I I'm 11 right now who can guess what year my tablet stopped working

  2. Craig Ericson
    Craig Ericson says:

    This is the only video with a potential solution to this problem that was not put on the internet by an idiot. This guy actually knows what he was doing. Thank you sir. Please have many children so that the world can have an improved gene pool.

  3. George Avong
    George Avong says:

    Hi! my tab has this same issue right now so i tried erasing and all I got was an incessant reboot trying to erase successively and am unable to turn the device off! pls help me out

  4. Adriana Deborah Allbright-Kaur
    Adriana Deborah Allbright-Kaur says:

    It's hard to get my zeepad open to get board ID as even a tiny screwdriver for glasses is not tiny enough to get the back piece off. I have been searching like crazy. It's hard to find ZEEPAD 9XN … CPU: All Winner (Boxchip) A13 Cotex A8 1.2GHZ … RAM: 512MB DDR … Nand Flash: 8G Flash … It was originally Jelly Bean 4.1 but was updated and sold as Jelly Bean 4.2 so they put a sticker over the 4.1 and changed it to 4.2 on the box … Please help me find legitimate software as I have been searching and searching … Also, my computer is having a hard time completely recognizing my old device made with USB 2.0 even though I connected a USB 3.0 to the device … Some parts of the device is recognized, but not all of the device is completely recognized … Like it will come up showing Android device, but may show UNKNOWN manufacturer or other things like that.


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