Android Car Tablet Guide: Torque App and Widgets Review and Demo


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Android Car Tablet Guide: Torque App and Widgets Review and Demo

This video focuses solely on the Android App Torque showing all the different features and options you have with the App.

Torque is available on Google Play here:

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35 replies

    Related to running Torque (since all the car stereo manufacturers that sell DROID Based Stereos promote TORQUE)
    Great Product by the way! Once you get it calibrated for gas mileage it will be very accurate. The difference between my Camaro's CPU MPG and Torque MPG is usually less than 0.2mpg/ per tank.

    From Amazon
    DO NOT buy the PYLE, Single DIN Android Based Stereo.

    I have two Double DINs from PYLE and one Single DIN #PL7ANDIN that has been to the factory twice. The Double DINS have worked just fine with the exception of the Bluetooth S'ware Version being 2.x. The single DIN Android #PL7ANDIN worked fine for about a year and just before the warranty ended, the screen went intermittent and then it stopped working altogether. I sent it back (at my expense $45) tested it hooked up to my truck's harness and it seemed to work fine. Got everything installed and the same BS happened… No display.

    If it fails again, I'm getting a B'tooth Mobile Receiver, reinstall my old school head unit and install an audio switch that will allow me to toggle Audio either from my phone or a tablet I install somewhere in my dash/headliner.

  2. Tom Chak
    Tom Chak says:

    I have one running on my Evo X with a Bluetooth obd2 reader. It runs okay however there is a lag of aprons 0.5 to 1 second. Is this normal?

    KAZUYADOG says:

    Just like to point out,if you leave the OBD adaptor plugged in it will drain your battery just something to be aware of if you have a dodgy battery and live in a cold climate.Great video btw.


    Great video, thanks. I have the RioRand RD8 adaptor so I guess this will work with TORQUE APP. I want to monitor my Rav4 and then some day want to check on the Nissan Leaf with Leaf Spy app. I hope it works.


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