Android 4.4 KitKat Low Budget Tablet Powered by Allwinner A33 (Quad Core ARM CPU & Mali GPU)


A sample Android tablet with Quad Core processor A33 from Allwinner, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage and 10.1 touchscreen display with resolution 1280×800.
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  1. ThePorritZ
    ThePorritZ says:

    My brother bought one of these and has been happy with it… however… it has gotten infected with all sorts of bloat, mal and adware… stuff that is deeper down than a factory wipe can get rid of. i have been trying to find an os (kitkat 4.4.4) that i can install. but when i try and install it, i get a "status 7" and it aborts… do you guys have any idea whether i need to have a particular os or if i just need to get past the status 7 error?

    i would be happy for any feedback, as i'm getting pissed off at this thing and i'm contemplating throwing it under a truck

  2. cristiano rullo beltri
    cristiano rullo beltri says:

    Hello friend, I have a problem, me to become the tablet coming out mode only I arreque i can put in recovery mode, which buttons have to play to put the tablet in recovery from boot? sorry my English am Spanish i use translator ,thanks

  3. Chlc
    Chlc says:

    Hi, Where exactly did you get this tablet from? All the ones I'm seeing have a 1024 x 600 display rather than 1280 x 800 (this would be more preferable). 


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