An Artist Review: iPad Pro 2018


Procreate Drawing Courses:

“Portraits in Procreate: Basics and Beyond”

“Portraits in Procreate: Mastering Media”


Folio Case:



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  1. Ikha ikhanna
    Ikha ikhanna says:

    Hey! Could you help me with that issue? I am thinking to buy an iPad Pro 2018/that new one or iPad Pro 2017 the last model with that fomous button. I am not user of iPad and even that company. I'm usually working with Adobe Photoshop/CorelDraw. But I'm looking for device with will give me ability to draw just like natural. And iPad with Procreate looks totally gorgeous! And now my question could you tell me how it will be looks like – line thicknes according to that particular situation:
    I would like to import drawing (or create canvas and then import picture) which has a big size like 300cm ×150 cm on this size I had my drawing on real peaper. Now I would like to redraw on digital put some colors and print it. I'm worry about line thicknes on procreate. Because lines in real has like 2 or 3 millimeters and it will be able to draw as thickness line in procreate ? That after printed they will be this same as my hand drawing canvas? Please, could you answer on this question I will be realy greateful!
    Best wishes
    I will leave my mail if anyone else will be able to answer on that question

  2. CuberBates
    CuberBates says:

    1. Amazing review, it really helped
    2. Amazing artwork, you should post tutorials. You would most likely get a lot of views and content from that!!

    Keep up the good work

  3. Judith F
    Judith F says:

    Pixel princess i have an 11” and the screen is very slick,very slippery,no traction at all.Although I’m not an accomplished artist as you but i do some sketching and coloring,and i need to use a matte screen protector to have some traction. I actually wanted to ask you if you if you’re using one,but now I guess you aren’t. BTW our work is amazing,such beautiful works. I will watch the Procreate tutorial because I haven’t used it yet

  4. Saad Albaker
    Saad Albaker says:

    Hey Lisa,
    Gotta say I have upgraded my iPad Pro for the third time now and it never failed me during all these three years. And here are my thoughts on it as a drawing too;

    -the pencil is expensive but it handles my heavy and light paintings nicely. Never scratched the surface at all.
    -between a matte screen protector and a glass screen I couldn’t decide it. I want to draw with clarity but matte screens feels nice to the touch and I don’t need the anti smudge it’s all personal preference.
    -the new iPad Pro design feels like it should have been released two years ago. Along with the magnetic pencil.
    -I dabble between two art apps that uses the same engine. Procreate and art studio pro. I’m sure the end result doesn’t matter. But it’s good we have options.
    -I opted for the 64gb and got a 50gb iCloud so that I now even with my 96 artworks I won’t take much size but if I did. I have the cloud.

    Hope you have a great artistic day ahead.
    P.s subscribed and followed on Instagram 👍🏻

    GRAFHC says:

    Ah the internet… a place where a woman can't post anything without horn balls commenting on their looks. Hah, oh well. Anyways, excellent video… for your subscriber count being so low it really seemed exceptionally polished, a pleasant video to watch and highly informative. You're a natural speaker. Best of luck with your channel in the future!

  6. Akpe ododoru
    Akpe ododoru says:

    If you create a picture for example on a 14”x 10” dpi 300, and you later decide to print on a canvas, would it be possible to enlarge for a 3 – 4 feet print? and how?

  7. Francisco Vazquez
    Francisco Vazquez says:

    Thanks for the tips… I understand what you say about the apple pencil, it's like buying a pair of expensive sneakers, not because of them you're becoming Michael Jordan, but they give you more confort and stability to play better…

  8. rohan oka
    rohan oka says:

    Nice review! I got mine last week and just like you, I upgraded from the first gen. Its taking me a bit of time to switch over to the new Ipad cuz of Procreates stroke resistance and friction features of the new screen. I would have loved the smoother feel of the first gen as the current one does not have consistent grain/friction all over the screen.

  9. Saundra Smith
    Saundra Smith says:

    You are a fellow artist and I love your quirky refreshing review.You really are thorough ind informative.I am a fan!I ordered my 12.9 which is backordered.I want to know what your thoughts are on the “Paperlike” screen protector?


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