Amazon Fire 7" Tablet Review: Worth The $50?


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Amazon’s new $50 Fire Tablet sports a 7″ display, 8gb of storage, and a Quad Core Processor. Is this tablet worthy of your $50? For the most part, yes!

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  1. BossSpringsteen69
    BossSpringsteen69 says:

    Yeah, whatever. I've had both of mine for about two years now and they work great. no frills straight to the point. One i keep my work stuff on and the other i keep a few books and thats it. If i want to play games i''ll play them on my phone or computer.

  2. Alabi 2k
    Alabi 2k says:

    I got one of these to carry with me on the bus and subway. Far less likelyto get mugged with one of these (as compared to an iPad or Galaxy Tab) , and if you do, youre only out 50 bucks.

  3. Liam Deimund
    Liam Deimund says:

    I personally love the kindle and in many ways feel it is better than other tablets. It is much more portable than other tablets and amazon basically just gives them away and there are only a couple downsides which I never realized except for the heating problem. I have realized that.

  4. Zombo Rodriguez
    Zombo Rodriguez says:

    Sorry if u have had better phones or better tablets this tablet will suck BUT, for a kid it's great my daughter has this tablet and it's great for her first beginner tablet..

  5. Kreigstank WoTB
    Kreigstank WoTB says:

    Would honestly be an amazing tablet if it ran another version of Android. The Amazon system on it is horrible. Very little customization, tons of bloatware, no Google programs, ads on lock screen, cluttered home screen, etc.

  6. T Rex
    T Rex says:

    This is waste of money! Display is bad, and the system is so so slow. Not even usable sometimes. Rather spend money on iPad. You get what you pay for unless you’re really poor. I had one few years ago. Now I have iPad Pro.

  7. Marquette Smith
    Marquette Smith says:

    Maybe it’s best to buy this at $50 over the echo dot. And add more to the home. Thinking maybe I need to add 3 on my walls in the home. Plus get one as a remote. I never heard Amazon being Hack. Books video games, audio books,music, movies.

  8. Jav Just Jav
    Jav Just Jav says:

    This tablet is garbage I open it set it up download a app for my daughter and now it's frozen won't turn off or reset and I'm losing patience with this fucking device….need a hammer to break it since it wants to act gay


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