Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Review: The Best Budget Tablet of 2017/2018?


Amazon Fire 7 Tablet – This is a great little device for the price, it may have a few flaws but at just $50/£50 it has to be one of the best budget tablets on the market!

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  1. Mateo Losha
    Mateo Losha says:

    Very nice review,,,, i got everything i wanted to know before buying the kindle,,,you earned a sub and your talking is really nice , clear and understandable .Keep it up doing reviws like this one 🙂

  2. keez98
    keez98 says:

    he should be a tv presenter on bbc wildlife, his voice is very immersive like david attanbirugh. Also i just ordererd 2 so which is why i watched this video

  3. Gregory Boatswain
    Gregory Boatswain says:

    I'm having a house party and just want a tablet to leave connected to my stereo so I can play spotify through it. At £30 this will do fine. As long as it makes it to the end of the party I wouldn't even care if someone takes it tbh lol

  4. Low Profile
    Low Profile says:

    Excellent review!…I just subscribed. It's definitely a good deal for the money. I've bought several of them and they definitely make good gifts for someone. Amazon had them on sale as low as $30.00 dollars and I think Best Buy has had them around the same price and it is totally worth it.

  5. Kelvin Smith
    Kelvin Smith says:

    The speaker is much brighter and clearer than the previous 2015 model. You can install the Play Store easily, check out Kevin Breeze video on how to do it, easy and works a dream.

  6. Lee B
    Lee B says:

    Got two one for me one for the wife to take on holiday ,don't play games,don't care about ad screen,64 gb card holds plenty of entertainment.
    Wife uses hers for face book ,mail and web searching and tv .always use headphones so speaker also not a problem .
    Battery life is good, size makes it easier on the eye than most mobiles.
    I also have an iPad Air which is very good but the fire is much much better value for money being one seventh the price but imho not a seventh as good for the purposes I use them for .


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