Alldocube X Review - Best Galaxy Tab S5e Alternative 2019


It’s got a Samsung 2560 x 1600 10.5″ SAMOLED screen, same as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e but so much cheaper. Is it a great tablet or just a pretty screen and meh? Where to buy:

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22 replies
  1. Olivier Barthelemy
    Olivier Barthelemy says:

    I'm being asked several times a month for a cheap Android tablet, and I'm having a hard time giving an answer. My Main issues are:
    1- build quality. I've bought a few tablets to test them myself, and, independently of how nice they perform right out of the box, it seems some brands (Teclast, 3/3 failed for me in less than a year) just aren't solidly built. But am I just unlucky with my Teclast purchases, or are they really crap ?
    2- design/equipment quality. One very weak aspect can spoil the whole device. When I first got my Chuwi Hi9 AIr, I remember thinking I could not even listen to TV series on those extremely lousy speakers. I did get used to it, but I'm a bit leery of recommending it to others, especially kids who tend to listen to music directly off their devices.

    I'm a bit sad the recommended devices list on your web site isn't more up to date, and over-time quality feedback isn't available. I don't know which device I can recommend and be confident I won't get complaints.

    Right now I'm recommending:
    1- At the end high and if English-only isn't a problem, Xiaomi's Mi Pad 4 and 4 Plus. Alas I'm French, so English-only ususally is a problem.
    2- At the safe end, Amazon's Fire HD8 and HD10, Alas these can only be bought in the US and the UK, not in France. Also, Amazon's Launcher sucks and can't be swapped out even after installing Google's PlayStore.
    3- So we're back to me having to recommend Chinese tablets 90% of the time, and feeling I don't have enough info on build and component quality. I'm going with Chuwi Hi9 Air at 10", because mine works fine (I much prefer my Mi Pad 4 Plus though), and at 8" the Alldocube M8 because of your review.

    I guess my question is: could you make my job easier by trying to highlight which devices/brands have non-crappy quality and quality control, and no Very Bad aspect among screen, battery, wifi, sound ? I know your "Cons:" kind of do that, but… there's a reason why Ars Technica has godd/bad/ugly category. Something can be so-so but still OK, or it can be terribad. That's one of those rare cases where there's a French word with no English equivalent: "rédhibitoire" means "so bad it spoils the whole thing regardless of the rest".

    tldr: I need an answer to the question: "Which 8" and 10" tablet should I get for my nephews, friends, aunts….". Must be solid to start with (no "ugh, that's bad"), and over time.

  2. Peter Cichy
    Peter Cichy says:

    Hi there, I'm about to buy a tablet. My budget is 250euro max. I'm looking for 10inch screen. Could you please recommend me something you personally would go for with my budget and the screen size I'm looking for? Big thanks for answer. So far I've seen some of your rewievs and I consider between this and T20. But before I make the last decision I prefer to ask you . Maybe there are even better machines on the market for the same price like the two. Thank you.

  3. gokuo64
    gokuo64 says:

    I'm waiting for these cheap Chinese tablets to use ChomeOS! If this could run Android apps and Linux and came with widevine 1.0, it would be awesome! I have a Lenovo C330 and I love it!


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