Acer Iconia One 7 Android tablet review


Time for another video review. This video is a look at the Acer Iconia One 7 Android tablet, it’s a low cost tablet at around £99 (on Amazon) and has an Intel Atom powered device. It weighs 331 g and has a soft plastic back, it feels well balanced but I have to say it doesn’t really standout from the rest of the Android crowd.

Its screen has a 1280 x 800 screen so it’s not the best resolution device I have come across but it’s relative clear and the colours look well balanced. Some Android tablet seem to have a washed out look to them but this doesn’t look to bad and despite the low resolution I like the screen. There is a coating on the screen that prevents finger print marks which actually works very and keeps it clean looking.

It has a 1.8Ghz Atom processor with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage and switching from app to app is a little on the slow side which could be down to the 1GB of RAM. Once apps load they work fine, I tried a couple of games and they work ok. The tablet comes with Android 4.4 and a lot of Acer apps which you don’t necessarily need like their streaming apps. They do have some floating widgets including a notepad and calculator which could be handy. Once nice feature I found is double tap to wake which is something I use a lot on my Lumia 1520 and really miss it when I use a device that doesn’t have the feature.

There is a 2MP rear camera and a 0.3MP front camera which would be fine for Skype.

As a device for browsing and consuming media it nice device, video playback works great and considering the low res screen video looks good on it. The volume has a reasonable range so you can still watch your videos in noisy environments.
In this video I play a game, watch a video and try browsing on the tablet.



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  1. Mark Ian Calixtro
    Mark Ian Calixtro says:

    Why??? I can't play clash of clans here!!! Your device isn't compatible???? Why???? I just brought this tablet is just for clash of clans but I can't download it!!! Im disappointed…..

  2. Fire hazard
    Fire hazard says:

    i got the tablet yesterday and the specs are; 1gb of ram and 1.3 ghz quadcore with 10.28 wh an the android version is 5.0, for some reason i cant play clash of clans, but i can run perfectly Minecraft, so overall for me its a nice tablet and works for what i need it for, playing with it when i am bored at school, the only thing that i don't like is that i cant make phone call's me last tablet cpuld make phone calls, but at lest i works for light gaming.


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