Acer Iconia One 10 B3 A40 tablet review


My thoughts on this new to me tablet. Any apps you want testing and ill give them a go, ask in comments



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  1. Greg Jones
    Greg Jones says:

    I just got this tablet. I know it's only a piece of plastic but I'm really disappointed to find that there is NO STAND for it like it shows here in the video.

  2. FubarMike
    FubarMike says:

    so how much battery life do you get on this exactly? Like if you are watching videos off the internal storage. I am wondering because I have a long trip coming up and my current lenovo a10-70F tablet is dying and am looking for a replacement quick

  3. 張琬怡
    張琬怡 says:

    +Richard Andrews
    I want to watch it play with it 『ラブライブ!スクールアイドルフェスティバル(スクフェス)』Can you bother you?

  4. Sophie Sophie
    Sophie Sophie says:

    Not a fan .. didn't like how you get the reflection of the guy doing the review the entire time doesn't really say anything you can't read off the spec so not much of a review in my opinion didn't show the speakers in use unless I skipped past it as I found it a bit dull… update got a reply from the guy letting me know he had done a review of speakers as someone had asked him 2. Very nice of him to reply to my comment share link.

  5. Galactic Federation
    Galactic Federation says:

    Hi just bought this slate today and I too was frustrated by no app tray however theiris no need to install a skin to gain one. When one clicks on the Iconia icon on home screen their are a few icon options to click one is appearance. Once clicked you have two options Acer's all app Icons on home screen look or app tray option. Once app tray option is selected the app tray suddenly appears an the Iconia icon folder is removed.

  6. mobile game genius
    mobile game genius says:

    This tablet is good however I'm not sure if it's just my tablet that can't handle Gameloft's game but other people including you. It seems to lag alot. If you could try playing combat 5 or something and see how that goes that would be great:)


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