Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Review -


Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright HD Trilogy iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Review.
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  1. Mariostar356
    Mariostar356 says:

    I honestly like the 3DS version of the trilogy other than the iOS mainly because it stays true to the DS version and the sprites look outstanding for 3DS standards. The sprites in the iOS version pretty much looks like animated box art which honestly, isn't a good thing

  2. reklem2
    reklem2 says:

    How weird… I own this port and in this video, the game's graphics looks a lot worse. The real port looks a lot better than this (even better than the ds games IMO).

  3. River Dash
    River Dash says:

    The price is actually REALLY cheap compared to if you were gonna buy them separately for the wii or ds, seriously guys, take this chance less than 20 dollars to play three games, that's a huge bargain!

  4. Bilal Zia
    Bilal Zia says:

    The text can be sped up once the case is finished.

    Basically on your first play through the text scrolls at the speed of speech.
    On the next play through, you can speed it or skip it as well.

  5. mrmimeisfunny
    mrmimeisfunny says:

    press new game
    go to the JFA or TAT section
    i guess you can figure out what to do from here but i will explain either way
    press purchase game
    mark all of your purchases
    enjoy a really nice smartphone deal with higher resolution graphics but worse visual charm

  6. Diezen
    Diezen says:

    Why didn't they stay with the original sprites like the first game, this just looks plain ugly. There's touching up making it sharper like Ghost Trick without messing with the style, however this is atrocious.

  7. Xirvet
    Xirvet says:

    m3mario, trust me, the price is worth it especially since the first two chapters are in my opinion, the most boring ones of the bunch. Plus, Wright ain't your typicall lawyer and as such, go through the trilogy and I can tell you the finale will be well worth it. It's a truly epic one.


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