Academy Product Reviews: ADEL IEM Technology


James Hurley explains why the new ADEL technology is revolutionizing In-Ear-Monitors.



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  1. Sean Hemstedt
    Sean Hemstedt says:

    I've had a set of U6's for about 4 months now and they are worth every penny. As a former user of both Shire and Westone IEMs for the past 12 years, I can honestly say that these are the best sounding IEMs I have owned. The soundstage is wider and the clarity is better than other similar units. I also notice less ear fatigue after several hours of use.

    One criticism, however; the plastic appears to be more brittle and less durable than other brands. Mine fell off of my keyboard and onto the stage at a festival and a section of the plastic broke off. I'm kind of surprised at the lack of durability because every other aspect is pretty flawless. Overall, still a very good product.

  2. drummerboy100jh
    drummerboy100jh says:

    Wow! Something to definitely take into account when ordering my set of earbuds. As a drummer at our church and one who also runs sound once in awhile, I've got so used to good headphones but have been thinking about going to IEM's and I have been looking at 1964 products since the drummer from the christian band 180 recommended them, (they played at our youth conference). Thanks for the great info and i really appreciate the videos. I subscribed since the mixer series which was great by the way and i have learned a great deal from your videos. (Which model or how many drivers should i get for playing drums) Thanks again


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