A Professional's Review of the 12.9-Inch iPad Pro (2018)


We took Apple at its word and integrated the new 12.9″ iPad Pro into our professional workflow to see how it faired.

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  1. Eric Andreski
    Eric Andreski says:

    I have the 11’ 2018 iPad Pro and can 100% recommend the Logitech Slim Folio Case. It has proper, backlit, keys, not weird squishy buttons. Additionally, it has the function keys that were mention to not be on the apple folio keyboard. It has better protection and has a flap that holds it all together (with room for the Apple Pencil). Most importantly though, it’s CHEAPER than the apple equivalent!

    Also the 11’ being “too cramped” is highly subjective. I personally don’t have an issue with it and prefer the increased portability of the 11’ and invested more money into getting more memory over screen space. IF its really a concert to you, I would visit a store and try them out for yourself to see if the larger display is worth it.

  2. K Black
    K Black says:

    I’ve used mine for about 3 months now and I love it. I use it for so many purposes that it’s crazy. I only use my laptop to pay bills and print invoices. Otherwise, I’m using my ipad through the day.

  3. classicmwk
    classicmwk says:

    Pretty good review overall, however I disagree with the negativity towards the 11” version. I find it to be very suitable and myself and I haven’t heard that 11” is too small from other reviews. More than anything, many of the reviews have commented that the 12.9” can feel too large for some situations.

  4. Nick Gallagher
    Nick Gallagher says:

    ……I’m not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere before but this device would be great if it had mouse support and MacOS……………. anyone else thought of this?

  5. Random Denny
    Random Denny says:

    But still.. its 2019 and it still doesnt support external harddrive video editing capability!? With the full pricetag of close to 2g for the fully loaded one id rather get ther xps and just keep using my 2nd gen ipad pro. Although i have the 512gb model but still its so annoying when i always have to copy the video files into it then to always delete them when im done with the project to ensure ill have space for the next one. Ipad pro indeed a very capable device, but its just like a fast race horse with a fat rider (the ios) whos making it cannot perform to its fully potential. Just my 2 cent


    Why did not there any attachment of mouse /mousepad, to see its price also need to given the wireless charger system and so on ,apple only focusing to how to high the price of product but not highly technology system ,its sucks.

  7. TheCunnu12
    TheCunnu12 says:

    I bought it. STAY AWAYYYYYY LIKE THE HIV ! ! ! Due to its thin case in aluminium it ihas problems. It bends and then the screen sometimes does not respond to your touch. I warned you, then don’t complain about it

  8. Legend Escobar
    Legend Escobar says:

    As soon as you try to do “actual work” you’ll see the weaknesses. As an academic, it’s great for reading, taking notes, writing emails or reviewing manuscripts. That is pretty much it. As soon as I want to multitask or access several files at once, that’s where my workflow takes a hit. Or even attaching files to emails, why can I not see a preview of the whole before I attach it, at least on the stock mail app. And webpages open in apps, if apps are installed, it just doesn’t have the swift feel as normal laptop has. Numbers is a joke compared to excel and mobile excel is lacking so much. The iPad is an extension of your laptop.

  9. Christopher McKinney
    Christopher McKinney says:

    Why is this called “A Professional’s Review”?? Professional what? Bloggers who make YouTube videos is not what I think of when you say a “professional”. Try making reviews for those other than people just like you? How would this iPad work for actual professionals: doctors, lawyers, CPAs, architects, business managers, etc. A shocking small percentage of ipad buyers spend most of their time making YouTube videos or writing blog articles. I’d encourage you to make a review discussing what actual professionals do: spreadsheets, MS Office, dictation, creating and giving PowerPoint/keynote presentations, using the pencil for actual note taking in meetings, using specialized legal, medical or other professional software. Maybe talk to someone older than 27. I like a lot of your guys’ stuff but you do seem to assume that everyone uses computers the way bloggers and Youtubers do and that simply isn’t the case.

  10. No One
    No One says:

    Some of your hand gestures drive me crazy. When you gesticulate like you're really speaking when it's so obviously voiceover, it just makes me cringe. Sorry to leave a negative comment, I don't mean to just hate on your video. They're good and I watch them because I like them.

  11. Kyla Unicorn
    Kyla Unicorn says:

    I don’t know which to get because both are great and the portability of the 11” is great but the large display of the 12.9” is good because I am an artist and like drawing on a big canvas.

    Any recommendations or help?

  12. Topher Caesar
    Topher Caesar says:

    I used an IPad Pro 10.5 as my only device through college and law school. In fact I used the iPad Pro with apples pages, numbers and keynote and not any office programs and worked like a dream. I still use iPad Pro 10.5 for a majority of my work in my law office, I can’t actually remember when I used the IMac on my desk last. It’s a great device and I can honestly say that the iPad Pro will work no problem for students and prescribing lawyers. If anyone here can argue that Practicing law is not a “pro” career then it’s laughable. There are many pro jobs in the world that does not require importing massive pictures or huge video flies. My wife is a Cardiologist and also does nearly all her work on iPad Pro.

    The biggest issue with the pro debate is that people assume the only pro jobs in the world are YouTube content creators, this is false. Millions of us have Pro jobs in which an iPad Pro does replace traditional laptops. My wife reviews X-rays and medical diagnostics no problem while working as a doctor and I haven’t had any problems as a busy practicing lawyer.

    Do I think the iPad is perfect? Of course not I always want devices to improve. I would be happy with many of the software changes brought up by so many. However it’s actually a small portion of the average worker who can’t get away with such a device. Content creators are not the only pro career.

  13. Mj Jones
    Mj Jones says:

    I do find it sinister that future I pads will be faced scanning that’s fine so no one else can use it except you . But however don’t you wonder who is at the other end watching you ? There have been reports of hackers getting into your camera feed I’d rather stick with a password because if you have that camera scanning your face regularly while you use the computer that means big brother could be watching . So think on this you may have a profile that doesn’t contain your picture . then you leave a comment on YouTube that some Corparates don’t like then through this camera scanner and with your IP address they link to a passport photo data base mybe in real time and your identifying . And if your on camera permanently your freedom to criticise without being taken to a court could be restricted . Mybe The next step will be stopping you from covering your camera so the computer doesn’t work . And when that happens you now your really being watched !!

  14. rishi pareek
    rishi pareek says:

    Banging my head
    Hope you can help
    I am having 2015 ipad pro 12.9
    I use it for netflix and making my study notes with apple pencil and goodnotes
    Its working fine
    Should i upgrade
    I mean will the picture be better on netflix etc etc
    Please advice


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