A Postcard from Hallstatt - Z CAM E2C Cinema Camera Review


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The Chinese camera manufacturer Z CAM has made quite an impression on us when we reviewed their flagship model Z CAM E2. Now we have the much more affordable sister cam Z CAM E2C cinema camera in our hands – has it inherited some of the strong features? Watch this …

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27 replies
  1. A
    A says:

    Shitty rolling shutter and the enormous space consuming Zraw file sizes are the reasons I’ll never buy Z cams. Really bad for a cinema cam.

  2. stuCameraman1
    stuCameraman1 says:

    its strange how this camera is a 'Cinema camera' and people are turning their nose up at the 10 stops dynamic range, BUT the canon C-100 was advertised as a CINEMA CAMERA but it was NOT up to Broadcast or Cinema specs at all….yet it flew off the shelves like hot cakes!
    I would happily use the Z cam E2c as my main camera mainly using the 10bit prores422 codec, what a great little camera

  3. RichShumaker
    RichShumaker says:

    I see this as an amazing "studio" camera for Live or Live to tape producers. The ethernet POE makes it great for schools or churches for static placement, 1 cable install. Much simpler and cheaper than a GoPro Capture Card Combo. If you do want to go 4k via HDMI you get a 2.0 real port not a micro/mini HDMI as you would with other cameras in this range. Oh and you can sync this camera which is a big advantage in multicamera live shoots / Edits. Great low cost Non-"Film" Camera replacement.

  4. Aleks Rebaudo
    Aleks Rebaudo says:

    Looks like garbage. The new RED Komodo is going to eviscerate this. $5000, Super-35, 6K, phase detection AF, built-in display, RF-Mount, Redcode RAW, 4K SDI out and wireless control of iris and focus.

  5. Jin Jeong
    Jin Jeong says:

    is Z Cam E2C preview app supporting android? such as samsung phone.

    I heard about Z Cam monitor app a few weeks ago. At that time, the Z Cam app only supported the iOS.

    I wondor how is it now.

  6. 0311uli
    0311uli says:

    I'm amazed at the image quality from the E2C, then I can't even imagine how their flagship S6/F6 and F8 are going to look like. Pity regarding the rolling shutter, and needing to really rig it up to keep it stable. With Dynamic Rage…well if you know how to light well, it shouldn't be a problem.

  7. BigBlobProductions
    BigBlobProductions says:

    Man, I was very close to buying this camera. Thank you. 36 ms rolling shutter is a nightmare! I can deal with 10 stops of Dynamic Range if it has decent highlight fall off, which this appears to. But dang, where did they get this sensor? almost any sensor would have been better.


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