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  1. Tony Oshlick
    Tony Oshlick says:

    I love Affinity, coming from Corel Draw, Serif DrawPlus and occasionally Inkscape, it’s good to see an actually functional node tool, instead of the “I’m not quite sure what I want to be” white arrow tool in Illustrator. I’ve always found illustrator difficult to work with, curves and beziers always felt weird and really unintuitive. Affinity has been a breath of fresh air and I’ve pretty much moved my entire illustration workflow to iPad, I only go back to the MacBook for proper eps conversion. Affinity is a game changer for sure!

  2. Shaky Stuff
    Shaky Stuff says:

    I've been using Affinity designer and photo on my ipad for a few months now and I've completely cancelled my subscription to Adobe. I honestly barely use my computer for creating anymore!

    I can literally do everything i need using these two apps. I could probably manage everything just in designer if im honest, the pixel persona is surprisingly filled out. But photo an amazing photo manipulator and great for the finishing touches on a piece.

    10/10 for these apps.

  3. CityKanin
    CityKanin says:

    I love my Procreate, but I'll definitely be getting this app too! 21,99€ does not sound bad! They also have a photo editing app, maybe getting that if I'm happy with their products 🙂

  4. Ehr
    Ehr says:

    I find this video really interesting, since I'm trying to understand if as a Graphic Designer makes sense to spend money on an Ipad.
    So, I've a couple of questions I hope you can help me with.
    With Affinity there's the possibility to open AI files and vice versa? I mean, can I export vector files to open with AI on my mac? And there's the same chance with PSD files?

  5. Jose m
    Jose m says:

    Hi you might not see this but I’m going to college for graphic design and right now I’m in high school right now and trying to get a head start you could say, do you recommend for me to buy an iPad Pro, an I Mac or a MacBook ?

  6. Valeriy Shatilov
    Valeriy Shatilov says:

    Theres no way u can really use designer for vector with apple pencil. Its gonna frustrate u with inaccurate nodes selections. Every single time u try to use it. Believe me guys. U will be hating it after half hour of work. And if u hope that they gonna fix it? No. Its a known issue for more than a year and it makes application TOTALLY unusable. Between 2 nodes nearby it will always select the one u dont need. It just doesnt use precision the pencil provide. Check forums. Its terrible. Yeah they made interface to be interacted with fingers. And there is even a switch in options for apple pencil. It will not help.

  7. Terence Kearns
    Terence Kearns says:

    I'm so excited about this. I've had affinity designer since the windows version came out, and now I'm looking to get it on iPad pro as soon as I get it.

    I've been a pro photographer for years now and still stuck on photoshop/lightroom. I think I will be able to give up the adobe subscription soon if I can switch out photoshop. Having ten years of lightroom catalogs is a bit of an issue though. I have a mind to go through all my archive and export DNG files then I'm done with Adobe. They CS slows my computer down and they keep jacking up the price. I think the Serif software suite is more than adequate. The iOS versions are the clincher.

    You've inspired me to check out the pixel persona which I have never ever used 😀

    Great review.

  8. Sue M
    Sue M says:

    Can you use desktop and ipad versions seamlessly? i.e., can you start something on the iPad, and finish it on your desktop and vice versa? Someone already asked this, but it wasn't answered. Thanks.

  9. Neil Googe
    Neil Googe says:

    Ehhh 10 minute sponsored video with 4 adds… so basically an add every 2 minutes? Getting tired of this ever increasing practice…

    I don’t begrudge anyone making money on YouTube, at all… YouTube is hard work and the content is “free”… but… I personally feel there’s an etiquette to this stuff. Add at the beginning, add at the end and sponsored, I feel that’s more than enough as it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the content… but for me, the second that first add came up mid vid, having had one at the start, a paid promotion tag came up and I noticed another add coming, with another add at the end… I just stoped the video and wrote this comment.

    I realise, as a business model, people are trying to find their feet with YouTube, and that gets tough with YouTube constantly changing the goal posts. But regardless of that, personally, I still just think there are right and wrong ways of going about business, and add saturation is the wrong way in a time when everything is pushing toward less adds…

    But hey, that’s easy to say when I’m not really pushing YouTube as a part of my business model (clearly). Anyway, other than that, what I saw was nicely done, well delivered content (though I would advise a gimbal or camera slider as the next YouTube equipment upgrade)

  10. José Manuel Egaña
    José Manuel Egaña says:

    Great vid,… I got Affinity Designer for my Ipad Pro and paid for "The Complete Guide to Affinity Designer" from Udemy but the course is apparently for PC and Mac,.. I am really lost and frustrated,.. Please help me with this. Did I get the wrong product?

  11. Alexander Pieri
    Alexander Pieri says:

    Great video. I hope Affinity will not put one day the subscription just like Adobe did (which for my personal use) I considered silly. Adobe go home. You’re late, Affinity Photo is so enjoyable to use and now this App… things are changing finally

  12. Ted Wu
    Ted Wu says:

    I'm a fairly new subscriber. Great Youtube Channel btw!!! Can you start a project in Affinity Designer on your iMac and then continue it on The iPad Pro and Vice Versa.Of course having both apps on both devices. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  13. corey ng
    corey ng says:

    Put aside the ability of pixel-based drawing. Graphic for ipad by autodesk also not bad for vector drawing and the price is cheaper. I found it is easier to use than the Affinity Designer in some cases such as pen tools.


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