5 Reasons to SKIP iPad Pro 2020


Link to Paperlike: https://paperlike.com/Noah4 While I gave you 5 reasons to buy the new iPad Pro 2020 in this video I want to do the exact opposite and give you 5 reasons why should skip buying or upgrading to it in light of a newer gen coming later this year and the existence of the iPad Pro 2018… which is a LOT more similar than you may realize (and cheaper too!).



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  1. Michael D'Angelo
    Michael D'Angelo says:

    Thanks, Noah. I was getting the itch, but spending that kind of $ right now isn’t smart. My 2017 (2nd gen) 12.9 still works great. More memory would be nice (64 gb) but with cloud services and conservative downloading, I make it work. Also, am I the only iPad fan who prefers the 1st gen Apple Pencil?

  2. danny laurel
    danny laurel says:

    I have the first pro model, so this was a definitely upgrade for me. I've been really happy with the camera upgrade. Using it for my youtube videos now. Great stuff Noah~ subbed!

  3. Richard Fox
    Richard Fox says:

    I think that the 3D scanning ability of the new Ipad pros would compliment a full CAD package such as Fusion 360 – which I really hope it comes to Ipad Pro soon – for capturing component geomery and identification of parts.

  4. Sensible Guy
    Sensible Guy says:

    What most people overlook is the fact that paperlike makes the text on ebook almost unreadable, the sharpness is basically gone and puts a lot of strain on eyes (blury text), hence if you read PDF or ebooks on ipad then do not use paperlike

  5. Ahmed Afifi
    Ahmed Afifi says:

    You just mention the 5 major interest thing that I interest to upgrade from my iPad Pro 2018 to 2020 .. but I’m not a bank robber , so I will not pay another 1000$ for an extra camera ..
    Thank apple for respecting us !!

  6. Poor_socialskills
    Poor_socialskills says:

    Noah I have a question. So my school says that I can have an Apple device or keep using a Chromebook (which I’m not a fan of) when i get into Grade 10. Right now I’m in Grade 8 and I have a 1st generation iPad Pro (12.9) that I’ve had since 2015. I was thinking of upgrading in 2022 when I get into Grade 10 to the iPad Pro (2020). Should I just wait until Apple releases a new iPad or get that one when I’m in Grade 10?

  7. Kristel Joy Chua
    Kristel Joy Chua says:

    Lol I watch your videos for 2 years now and I just found out I wasn’t subscribed to your channel. I checked after a guy commented that 2k subs disappeared after the giveaway. Definitely subscribing now 👍🏻

  8. Denise Calderon
    Denise Calderon says:

    My 2018 refurb iPad Pro just came in yesterday. I have never been an Apple person, not for any reason in particular. I always owned Galaxy Notes (love my 10), I have my Windows desktop that I built, I have a Dell laptop for work on the go, and I had never really owned a tablet before until this iPad. It's going to be interesting to see how it fits with my device flow. I don't think I will use it for work – I think I want it to be my "escape" device (no work, no stress). The hardware and the display is lovely. I love that it has USB C and if the next iPhone has USB C, I will probably go for it. I haven't gotten an Apple Pencil or anything yet, but I will probably try my hand at drawing at some point (not very good lol).

  9. craig woodgate
    craig woodgate says:

    I’m not bothered that I only have the iPad Pro 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch as I’m not bothered about the camera at all and the fact that it does what I want if they changed the design of it in terms of made the bezels slightly thinner but I suppose they can’t really due to the face unlock


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