5 Reasons OneNote is Better than Notability  | iPad Pro Note taking (2019)


In this video I go through 5 reasons why OneNote is better than notability. I have used OneNote on the iPad Pro for about a year and a half so have become very familiar with the app. It is extremely useful and a bonus is that it also works on PC. I have used it as a medical student for note taking and studying at university. It has a number of features that surpass notability, and this video demonstrates these.

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  1. Anas Nuur Ali
    Anas Nuur Ali says:

    Thanks for watching the video!!! I hope it was useful. Just for some clarity lol, overall, after having tried both apps, notability has the edge over OneNote, but like everything they both have positives and negatives. I made another video on notability so feel free to check that one too 🙂

  2. BrittsLife
    BrittsLife says:

    I've actually been having issues with oneNote syncing but other than that it's great. Also for highlighting text you can get an even more seamless highliht by selecting the text and choosing different highlight colors for super straight seamless highlights that you can color coordinate

  3. cracker guitar
    cracker guitar says:

    Great video Ali! I have been using notebility for about a year now. I might start to try onenote after watching this video..The weakness of notebility you showed is quite a pain…

  4. dslonly
    dslonly says:

    I tried OneNote on iPad with apple pencil and IPad Pro 10.5. I think it was 2016 and there was no Palm rejection on the iPad pro and i sold it, but today someone told me, one note is crappy on iPad pro because they want to sold their Surface pros. With notability the Palm rejection works fine, i read. Has it changed, does Palm rejection work fine now on iPad with OneNote and apple pencil?

  5. International Hamfets
    International Hamfets says:

    I use One Note and did not try any other app so far. To me the only negative points of one note are that I cannot open two notes at the same time (which notability has) and that there is not any quick possibility to draw straight lines. But I really love the app.


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