$330 iPad Pro 12.9" in 2020 | Big on a Budget! (iPadOS)


In this video I showcase the first generation 2015 iPad Pro 12.9″ in order to demonstrate its viability as of 2020. I talk about it’s display size and display qualities (positive and negative), it’s processor/specifications, how it pushes iPadOS, test it’s speakers and more. I picked mine up for $330 off Swappa and couldn’t be happier with what I received! This device would make a great budget college note taking tablet for someone who can’t afford the latest and the greatest from Apple.



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    SIG3L DUNC4N says:

    Would you consider doing an iPad Pro 1st gen vs 2nd gen vs 3rd comparison here in 2020? Which would be the better buy and go into a little depth of what you get for the money. Amazing video as always my man! Looking forward to whatever you come out with next.

  2. Allen Stanten
    Allen Stanten says:

    Noah, nice content, and timely for me – I was looking for a consumption device for my 89 yr old Mother-in-law. Was going to go with a macbook air, but I think this is a better UI for her.

  3. Michael Bennink
    Michael Bennink says:

    I’ve a 2018 iPad 10.5 inch, and it still runs and handles everything I throw at it perfectly. The newer iPad Pro’s are gorgeous though… but don’t justify the expense over what I’m using now,

  4. K1SFD
    K1SFD says:

    Only suggestion I have would be to compare specs (including benchmarks) on screen so people can see the actual performance difference for the price. Even if just in text: Gen 1 vs Gen 2 vs Gen 3 listings would go a long way to show the value for the price.

    Excellent content though, thanks for posting.

  5. TechnoLadz
    TechnoLadz says:

    I’m going to do a similar thing in 3 years time, I’m probably gonna get one of the 12.9” 3rd gen’s in 2023 for when I go to Uni that way I can do some decent video editing on LumaFusion and be able to take notes


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