2020 MacBook Air Impressions: A Clean Refresh!


The new MacBook Air! What a time to be alive… and releasing new products.

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  1. Ameya Padhye
    Ameya Padhye says:

    I always wonder why even today, webcam qualities in laptops suck. Even budget smartphones have better front cameras than these premium laptops. Maybe to save external webcam market? 🤔

  2. dryflyelk
    dryflyelk says:

    Do we want to see some ipad stuff? Bro, we are all in our houses watching reruns of Leave It To Beaver and trying not to think about life. Review your favorite paper clips right now and we'd watch it.

  3. NeXoN90
    NeXoN90 says:

    Show me that new ultra sexy iPad Pro floating keyboard .. like, right now! WE KNOW YOU ALREADY HAVE IT, PROBABLY SINCE 2007 OR SOMETHING. That thing is more than I have been waiting for, I want it so bad. I just need to find myself a dark place in the web to sell mit kidney to someone.


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