2020 iPad Pro VS 2019 iPad Air -- Ultimate Comparison!


AppleInsider compares the brand new 2020 iPad Pro to the 2019 iPad Air!
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38 replies
  1. Mike Ruiz Esparza
    Mike Ruiz Esparza says:

    I have the 10.5 iPad Pro and still don’t find a heavy reason to upgrade to new pro. Never use iPad camera (dont know anyone thaty does it, having an iPhone). Really new Pro does not do any job the 10.5 cant. Processor speed and RAM are just relative advantages. New trackpad keyboard is so expensive. If i need a trackpad or mice definitely my Mac Book Pro is the answer

  2. Peter Knutsen
    Peter Knutsen says:

    Depending on your charging infrastructure, in your at-home setup(s) and your “going out” kit, there is some virtue to sticking to the Air’s Lighting connector.

    Back when I got my iPad Pro, maybe 10 months ago, I was dreading the hassle of having to use a different connector to charge it, relative to the one I use to charge my phone and my previous iPad, but I actively wanted the much larger 12.9” Pro and I intended to use it at a fixed location, suspended on an arm next to my bed/couch. I had though about getting the previous model to get the old connector, but by the time I was able to reasonably afford a new tablet, the old model was very hard if not impossible to get. It turned out fine, I bought a differently coloured cable (red) to charge my iPad, but the lack of hassle has a bunch to do with my usage case. If you want to use the iPad as a portable device then it’s a somewhat different matter.

    (I did end up missing having a portable device, after selling my old 9.7” Pro, so a couple of months ago I also went for an iPad Mini 5. That’s a very nice device, super portable, and can be easily charged by the same power bank/cable I use for my iPhone. All very convenient, and it’s a cheap yet powerful tablet. The bezels are truly gigantic, though!)

  3. Ahmet Karaman
    Ahmet Karaman says:

    Do you think this model is aluminum 6000 or 7000, because it was the previous ipad pro 6000 series and it was very durable, I want to buy it but if it is the same, unfortunately I will not. by the way, i don't have the previous one

  4. Jedidiah Steele
    Jedidiah Steele says:

    All you did was compare how much better the iPad Pro is to the iPad Air that’s pretty easy people can sum that up in three words with the word pro. Instead what you should’ve done was a comparison based on needs of the individual for example you could’ve did rendering test on 4K video you could’ve pointed out maybe cad apps that people might use for their work. Apple iPad Air on this video was nothing more than you focusing on the hardware and had nothing to do with the end-user. I bought the iPad Air because the bass iPad has a 10 and the display is not the best I didn’t go for the iPad Pro because I’ll never need that much power.

  5. Daddy
    Daddy says:

    I find the PaperLike brings down the quality of the screen as it presents images and text in a more pixelated fashion. I still keep it because I love the feel for notes and annotating PDFs but reading for longer times is impacted by the PaperLike. In my experience.


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