2020 iPad Pro Review - An Awesome 2 in 1!


Infinity Labs review of the new 2020 Apple iPad Pro! It’s never going to be a laptop replacement, but the new Magic Keyboard makes it an awesome 2 in 1 device for artists, students and anyone primarily using it in tablet form.

▶Music: Dawn by Sappheiros
▶Wallpaper: default iPad Pro wallpaper

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  1. Nethir
    Nethir says:

    Another great video and very specific in terms of what you talked about.

    I see the 2020 benefits in many quality of life updates. wifi 6, If students are going to be using it in future perhaps after all this covid 19 clears up and if they are at universities/college, eventually they would get wifi 6 infrastructure. The lidar though not much is still another qol update that I would use in the following way, observed from the videos, when scanning documents, the lidar helps this become way more accurate and detect the documents faster saving time, plus the ultra wide lets you capture more or capture something on the white board a teacher might have wrote. The microphone updates, i see the usage for podcasts or recording lectures. Thermals are also something I saw in videos that are improved.

    I guess people were expecting more from the refresh in a different type of way to what I mentioned above. I do think with these qol the 2020 make the 2020 a great refresh but not 100% necessary over the 2018.

    To add to that in Australia we don’t really get big sales like USA does Apple. Even when Apple products get discontinued and put on clearance the prices are still close to rrp. So for the difference in money it’s better to go for the 2020 model here unless you want a 2018 model from Apple certified refurbished store with more capacity.

  2. Ace K
    Ace K says:

    Maybe a nice tip for people who are looking for something premium like the iPad pro only with Android and half the price while keeping high quality – huwawi matepad pro.
    I just got it and it's nuts – even better sound.
    Don't trust me – check the reviews on YouTube


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