2020 iPad Pro Bend Test & Teardown! Still Bends?


Will the new 2020 iPad Pro bend? Extreme bend test & 2020 iPad Pro 11″ teardown. Close look at the new A12Z chip & new camera + LiDAR!

2020 iPhone 12 Pro Leaks.

iOS 13.4 Final Review!

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  1. UnbreakableAlex
    UnbreakableAlex says:

    I’m staying with my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9” until apple gets rid of the easy bending problem. That’s terrible. I don’t want to buy a military grade shell for it to not bend in my backpack.

  2. xxnike629xx
    xxnike629xx says:

    I'm a bit concerned seeing you do these dangerous bend tests without work gloves to protect your hand. Also by doing these bend tests, you risk accidentally bending the battery which we all know will be a fire hazard.
    Anyway, it does suck that Apple didn't structurally reinforce the insides with this model; especially seeing all that empty space inside the iPad Pro (2020).

  3. jonas van de vyver
    jonas van de vyver says:

    “It’s so thin I love it” “it bends so easily” these “tests” are such bullshit use your product as they’re intended to be used I’m not trying to bend my 50inch tv either, don’t be a moron.


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