2019 MacBook Pro 13" | FULL REVIEW | 1 Month Later


After owning and testing the 2019 baseline (1.4ghz + 8gb + 128gb) MacBook Pro 13″ for about month I felt it was finally time to share my full review. From school/college work, to photo editing, to video editing, to Minecraft and comparing to iPad Pro I have put this machine through its paces. In this video I go into detail on this laptop’s design aspects and build quality, display quality, battery life and its performance in a variety of tasks in order to help you decide whether it’s for you.

I also encourage you to check out my in-depth video editing, photo editing, school work and gaming tests + comparisons with the 2018 iPad Pro (11″ in my case). Today’s my first day at college so wish me luck lol ;-;



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  1. Poppy Gin
    Poppy Gin says:

    The problem with the keyboard itself is not because only because of dust getting underneath. It is the material that they used for the metal dome, it get weaken the more you use it.

  2. UX_Ninjaaa
    UX_Ninjaaa says:

    Hey how is the new mcbook pro when you use an external monitor? (one with 1920×1080 resolution) I have the macbook pro 2014 i7 16GB RAM and my fans are running really loud when i use an external monitor. I think this issues causes because my CPU needs to generate my retina pixels to 1920

  3. JAA
    JAA says:

    mine came in yesterday. im a Windows user but I love Mac OS. everything just makes sense to me. the keyboard is perfect for me, Touch Bar is nice for Spotify and editing word documents. its fast and snappy and its totally worth it.

  4. Akshay Sharma
    Akshay Sharma says:

    brother have been following you since you have started, u have increased your video quality to some other extent, loved this one will stick around with ur content.

    postive vibes from my side bro

  5. Derek Shahrasebi
    Derek Shahrasebi says:

    One question bro, how about battery? Have you encountered any issues with it? I read somewhere folks were having sudden shutdowns at about 40-50% of their remaining battery with the basic version. So I was wondering if this has been the case with yours. Thanks in advance, and keep up the excellent work with your videos!

  6. Mohamed Marzook
    Mohamed Marzook says:

    Wow man… One of the best review ever seen… Amazing content and VFX… Carry on and good luck for your future…😋😎
    Do a video on MacBook Air… BcZ now I'm starting Msc confused should I go for air or pro….

  7. Tony Belton
    Tony Belton says:

    Another great review, thanks Noah. I'm enjoying my base model 13". Just dump everything apart from the operating system on an ssd external HD. just got to adjust to small internal ssd. All the best with college! Are you studying IT subjects by chance?


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