2019 iPad 10.2" | $329 Value King? | Unboxing + Impressions


I just picked up the 2019 iPad 10.2″ for review and comparison with the iPad Pro, iPad Air 3 and possibly the iPad mini. In this video I unboxing this tablet and give you my initial thoughts on what it’s like to use this $329 iPad for web surfing, school tasks, note-taking etc.



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  1. Neil Howard
    Neil Howard says:

    No explanation needed bro. Love your content and your videos! Keep working hard and making money. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life! FYI I didn’t even notice the head and shower thing until you said it. I was focusing on on what you were talking about lol

  2. Rex091
    Rex091 says:

    I wanna sell my iPad Pro 11 and i just got it 7 days ago. 😂 i just can't with LCD, once you're with oled it's hard to go back to LCD.
    Ill just wait for the Oled ipad pro

  3. EverythingGaming
    EverythingGaming says:

    It was great value as the 6th gen, but I'm not interested in paying the same price for a 3 year old CPU, they are charging the same price but People who bought it last year as the 6th gen get the same support.

  4. Tinkering with Stuff
    Tinkering with Stuff says:

    It is weird how they changed the size to 10.2"
    I've recently picked up the iPad pro from 2017 for almost 400$ to complete my portable video and photo editing setup and I love it. I've even made a video about it and I'm not so much into reviews 😀
    The Apple Pencil is great though.

  5. Karl SMA
    Karl SMA says:

    I think this is a bit overrated as a great deal. You shouldn't buy the base model with 32gb. So you have to buy the $429 version. With the pencil, you're at $529. The processor is probably 2yrs away from being unsupported. You're probably better off buying the Air.


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