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Hey guys,
Here is a list of the top 10 note taking apps in 2018. Did I miss out any apps? Let me know in the comments section down below.
Don’t forget to vote for your favourite note taking app.

You can purchase these apps from App store:
1. ZoomNotes: https://apple.co/2JzrPKC
2. Noteshelf: https://apple.co/2mdXdEp
3. Noteshelf 2: https://apple.co/2JvkZ9e
4. Pen & Paper: https://apple.co/2AUVEko
5. Upad: https://apple.co/2JxyxAU
6. Notes Plus: https://apple.co/2DfjBFS
7. OneNote: https://apple.co/2HwKjPw
8. Nebo: https://apple.co/2K1PbK8
9. Note Always: https://apple.co/2D0zr9x
10. GoodNotes: https://apple.co/2CYNP2W
11. Notability: https://apple.co/2D08hj8

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32 replies
  1. Anatommy
    Anatommy says:

    Hello again! Let’s see if u can answer this …. can a voice memo (from Voice memo app) be SHAREd onto Notability? I can share onto Apple Notes but not onto GoodNotes 5. ….. GN 5 has Guitar Tab paper which is great, BUT I want to be able to have multiple recorded samples of what I play with that Tab and lyrics in one journal. The Music apps I looked at don’t have pencil capability. And even though I can put voice memos on Notes there is no Tab paper, OCR or shapes tool etc. so I am hoping that Notability can do what I Want 🙂

  2. Sam Winston James
    Sam Winston James says:

    Thank you for this. I justs downloaded a free version of Notes Writer. I don't see anyone talking about it. The full version is 19.00 which is the most expensive I have seen. Do u know anything about it. Thanks

  3. Christopher McCoy
    Christopher McCoy says:

    There is a newer notes application called Notes Writer (there’s also a pro version you pay $15 for), but there are no reviews about it. From what I can see it would give Notability a run for it’s money, but I’d like to see a full review of it first to see if I should spend $5 more on it than on Notability. Any chance you could review it?

  4. Jackie Kittie
    Jackie Kittie says:

    Is it worthwhile to get Noteshelf if you already have Noteshelf 2? Also is there a reason you don't use the Files Explorer already built into ios 11? The native Apple file folder?

  5. Jackie Kittie
    Jackie Kittie says:

    Hello, thank you for your thorough and useful review. I wanted to ask if you ever considered the 10.5 inch iPad Pro as a possible choice or were you always quite certain that the 12.9 fit your needs exactly? I am a student struggling with making a choice between the two sizes. Thank you for your help

  6. M H
    M H says:

    Hello, i am trying to go paperless! I just bought 32Gb Ipad 2018. I want good note taking apps specially for annotating Ebooks and making notes on the side. Do you think notability and good notes will allow me to export ebooks in them ? Thx


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