2018 iPad Pro UNBOXING & REVIEW (11 inch vs. 12.9 inch) with Accessories!!!


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39 replies
  1. Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson says:

    5:05 I have the 11 inch and the old 10.5 inch what you said at 5:05 that the new one feels snappier. Man they both have 120 hz refresh rate, they both have a nearly identical screen.. so swiping through apps feels the exact same on both. I get it. You probably spent 3 grand on all that new apple goodness but don’t trick your viewers into doing the same. I’d tell my friends to just get the 10.5 your getting with that one still 90% more power than your ever gonna need or be able to use. Plus you’re getting a beautiful fluid flawless experience…. for a lot less. This new lineup was a cash grab imo and I fell for it. Stick with the old 10.5 and save your wallet people.

  2. Drumaier J
    Drumaier J says:

    Meh You didn't review the pencil. People who is not into design or art don't have a clue about how amazing the pencil is paired with design and art apps. This thing is as good as the best of the best screen tablets out there (cintiq by Wacom). Is mind blowing that in a review of the device you are not even mention this. To give you a clue, a lot of people (myself included) is buying the iPad pro just because is an excellent screen tablet for drawing, plus you don't need to connect it to a computer to run the software (cintiq and other Chinese brands) .

  3. Rommy Soeli
    Rommy Soeli says:

    I'm not a power user on tablet, I just planned to use it as note taking device, but I'd like my tablet to be supported as long as possible and keep performs well after years.
    Do you think 2018 iPad Pro is a good idea ?

  4. Richard Cooper
    Richard Cooper says:

    Still trying to decide wether I should upgrade . It’s concerning the latest iPad is so flexible and bendable . Also trying to decide the storage size . 64 Gb is too small especially if you use a lot of apps

  5. David Watt
    David Watt says:

    i use and love ipad. but at end of day ipad is just a cloud computer. if have no internet or no cloud then u are limited. so it still cant 100% replace a laptop like a galaxy tab4 could due to a local filesystem.

  6. Mark Lennard
    Mark Lennard says:

    Great video, I think I may have the record for returning and swapping the 11 inch for 12.9 inch on 3 occasions (sorry guys at the Apple store 😂)… I have finally decided to stick with the 11 inch which I feel for my needs it is the sweet spot. I mainly use it on my lap with the folio smart keyboard to consume media and check emails. I have a 15 inch Macbook Pro which is my ‘real’ laptop so the 11 inch iPad Pro is my ‘real’ tablet. I am now at peace with my 11 inch decision and the staff at the Apple store can now rest easy!

  7. Nysro1640
    Nysro1640 says:

    Just got the 11 inch and omg I freaking love it! No more do I have to bring my 15 inch MacBook Pro to class every day! This is truly the ultimate companion device to any Mac user.

  8. Guillermo Martin
    Guillermo Martin says:

    I have the 10.5 Pro and I’m looking to upgrade to the new ones. Is the 11” considered a pass and jump to the 12.9 since you are only gaining 0.5”? I figure the 12.9 would cost me about 220 more since I will be getting the keyboard for either.

  9. frank1971ification
    frank1971ification says:

    I got no clue how some people say the 11 inch is a small tablet. The 12.9 is just massive in comparison next to the 11 inch. If Apple made a 32 inch iPad people would say it's the perfect size. Bigger isn't always better.


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