2018 iPad Pro UNBOXING by a professional ILLUSTRATOR


The other night I went to the Apple store to do some window shopping and check out the 2018 3rd generation iPad Pro. Long story short, I ended up buying the 12.9″, 256GB version, along with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil and new Smart Keyboard Folio. It was an expensive night but now I get to unbox it all and give all my knee-jerk reactions to the updates! Enjoy!

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  1. pumps0333
    pumps0333 says:

    I got the ipad 12.9 256gb with keyboard and pencil after everything i ended spending 1600 ….that’s fucken crazy!!! It bothered me too much so i ended up returning it after 7 days of using it.

  2. Jacob Morrison
    Jacob Morrison says:

    Love the content Brad! I’m curious for designers just getting into illustration would you recommend going for an iPad Pro or a Cintiq? I know I want to do some stuff in Animate at some point so I feel like I’ll need both but I also heard iOS 13 will support the iPad Pro as a display in Mac OS. Any thoughts?


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