2018 iPad Pro Review


Impressions after a few days with the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard Folio, and second-generation Apple Pencil, from a frequent (but mostly casual) iPad Pro user.



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  1. NDD
    NDD says:

    Holy shit man, I've been a listener since Build and Analyze and I just randomly googled your name and the first suggestion after your name was "net worth". So happy for you, being free to work on whatever you want is the greatest thing as a lone wolf developer 🥰happy for you

  2. Stiglitz
    Stiglitz says:

    For what you do (web browsing, slack, marking up, etc.), what does the new iPad Pro bring that makes the previous iPad Pro worse? I find you don't have enough reasons for why this iPad is better for what you do. You started by saying keyboard is a little better, but also has some downsides, which can be fixed with a new third party keyboard. Also, if you really use Pencil for marking up, you'd be better off with Logitech's Crayon that costs half as much as the Pencil. Better design of the Pencil is a great news for people for whom the Pencil is a necessity or a part of their workflow (graphic artists). For them I can imagine why the new iPad is great. But for non-pro users, how can you justify that it is a better choice knowing there has been a price hike?

  3. savedfaves
    savedfaves says:

    I told my uncle to wait until the new one came out and we’ll see. And it’s great, but the price is just too much. I got him an old refurbished iPad Pro instead. Apple’s pricing is outrageous. You’d think with all of Apple’s talent they’d by now have figured out a way of making their products more affordable, but it seems like Apple’s millionaire execs have no intention of that. Apple cares about making great products, but they only care about their customers if they are flush with money and willing to give it all to them.

  4. Philipp Janssen
    Philipp Janssen says:

    good video with an interesting (and sensible) perspective. But please don’t get on this Youtube bandwagon of showing how cool and edgy you are by throwing/destroying expensive tech. There is always a better use for a functioning product then destroying it for a quick joke in a video, and it also seems wasteful. The environmental impact of tech gadgetry and consumerism is big enough as it is, we should at least seek to acknowledge the inherent value in everything.

  5. Adrian Hoppe
    Adrian Hoppe says:

    Great review! To me, the audio was almost too perfect, if that makes sense. It sounds like it was recorded in a booth, not like it is coming from you sitting in front of the camera.

  6. Dan Pettit
    Dan Pettit says:

    Nice review Marco. I do agree with John though(ATP latest episode) that you should show more B roll. Keep doing the video though. I like your real world perspective. I can get the specs from Apple' site and tons of other videos.

  7. Jon V
    Jon V says:

    One of the best reviews I have seen in a long time..I only just discovered your channel.Everything explained clearly and practically. Thankyou.

  8. TechFeast
    TechFeast says:

    Hey Marco. I was the same on the day that I got my 12.9 thinking that the smart keyboard view was too steep. If you sit at a desk and not a countertop, it's actually a really good angle.

  9. Jānis Meija
    Jānis Meija says:

    i would agree that this is PRO device or even worth buying for price IF it had decent OS, since hardware is more than capable, until then i do not see myself buying another iphone just bigger.

  10. Laurent L
    Laurent L says:

    It’s a shame you don’t do more reviews. You are very smart and your analysis is way more valuable than the rest of the reviews I watched about the iPad. 👍

  11. Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin says:

    The steeper angle on the keyboard makes watching movies in bed a lot more enjoyable because you can see the screen much better! Hey, that's not the only thing I use mine for, but that makes the entire purchase price thing go down easier! Thanks for your review. 🙂

  12. Oliver
    Oliver says:

    "Sometimes you just got to buy a cool thing because it makes you happy" Love this line and convinced me to keep my new iPad. Youve earn a sub from me. All the best


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