2018 iPad Pro Review 11" for Artists


Hey, guys. I hope all is well. Today, we are reviewing the 2018 iPad Pro. In today’s review of the 2018 iPad Pro we will be looking at the 11” iPad, the Apple Pencil 2, and Smart Keyboard Folio. Today we dive into the new iPad Pro hardware, we compare the new 11″ iPad Pro to the old 10.5″ iPad Pro. We talk about the evolution of the operating system with iOS and platform as a whole. We talk about the OS, software, and we dive deep into performance of the 2018 iPad Pro for creation. We talk about the new Apple Pencil’s feel in hand and on the 2018 iPad Pro’s new glass. We talk about the new Liquid Retina Display with True Tone, ProMotion and the P3 Wide Color Gamut. This year Apple has really pushed things in design, build, and power. Let’s dive in and see where the 2018 iPad Pro takes us. #iPadPro #ApplePencil #iPadPro2018

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  1. Cladio Juliano
    Cladio Juliano says:

    Lol I’ve seen some comments about my nails. Firstly- extra long nails are not present in this video. Mainly my thumbnail is is longer in this video – for a reason but I didn’t catch it. Smh. The light reflections and camera angles are distorting reality too and making it look worse. I am an ultra-short nailed person in reality.

    My thumbnail was longer because I knew I’d want to test recording with the new machine for my solo bass work and laid some classical guitar down (am a multi instrumentalist) I don’t play with a pick. When you are a bass soloist your thumb gets wrecked. The longer nail shields the thumb and is part of my playing process. It’s also big for how I play classical guitar. So that’s why. I also cracked my thumbnail when recording making it look like that lol- so when the light hits it makes look crazy. I didn’t catch it or realize when I was filming. Too many assume the worst stuff instantly. I don’t walk around w/crazy lookin nails lol.

    I am OCD to the extreme and my nails are always kept extra short when not recording. Take a look at my insta or other videos. This channel has been active for years and I’ve never once gotten a comment about my nails. You’ll have to deal with it for this one and if you can’t 🖕🏼😂 Also sorry for audio blow out it was a hidden settings issue that I wasn’t catching. Figured it out- the 2 new videos you should hear the difference.

  2. Troy Klk
    Troy Klk says:

    Thank you for this! One of the best reviews from an artist. I’m a traditional artist looking into doing digital art. Looks like an iPad was the right choice.

  3. Facts Reviewer
    Facts Reviewer says:

    Great review I’ve just subscribed. You need more views. Definitely sharing. Could you help me decide between surface pro 6 and this Ipad 11 inch. I’m going to college and I need a issuefree , lag free and something with good battery life

  4. Roxxiane
    Roxxiane says:

    i want to ask if the 11inch can do big canvas especially for big project & cloth design. im an artist doing character illustrations. i do notice the new 12.9inch is a lot lighter than previous gen but its extra budget. so is the 11inch good enough? thankss


    Cool overview man. I’m an artist too(cartooning, video & photography). At first, I was torn btwn the 11” & 12.9”. Loved the screen size of the 12.9”, but I travel a lot, so the 11” won out. I’m curious, what made you chose the 11” over the 12.9”?


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