2018 iPad Pro Day One Review!


I’ve spent 72 hours with the new 2018 12.9″ iPad Pro. Here’s my initial unboxing and day one launch review. Let me know what you’d like to see covered in the follow up in-depth review!
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The new iPad Pro is insane. The A12X Bionic, thinner bezels, improved pencil, thinner design. It’s not even close right now.

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  1. Snakepit Bytes
    Snakepit Bytes says:

    no offense, but all the gimmicky stuff you guys put into this video made me want to click off and watch someone else review it. I'm 3/5th through the video and have heard 0 details/specs about the ipad and just goofing off unboxing it.. : /

  2. Alpha Delta X
    Alpha Delta X says:

    It's a joke with no support for Flash drive/SSD/external hard disks, no mouse support, no file system, must download files to the iCloud with a real computer to get it into the iPad, no File system.
    This iPad will never be a laptop replacement. Apple are not fools, they did it on purpose to keep the Macbook sales up

  3. Δ わるよ歩み
    Δ わるよ歩み says:

    all this power, in something so small, it's always been so amazing to me. Apple has done a wonderful job with the hardware… but you have all this power, stuck in iOS. You have nothing to take advantage of this power. Everything l'm seeing in this video is kind of a waste, because you can already do all this shit in 2017 iPad Pro, Apple please PLEASE add some kind of proper modified MacOS

    Don't let this amazing piece of hardware be bound by stupid fucking apps

  4. VidaGoGo
    VidaGoGo says:

    My 11” often feels like a 9.7”. I’ve wondered if there was a difference, but I know there is. My complaint, which isn’t Apple’s fault, is the lack of updates from developers to get the apps to fit the new screen.

  5. Samsung pro
    Samsung pro says:

    I saw the apple commercial on 5 reasons your ipad can replace your pc. I can come up with 7 reasons why it can’t replace your pc.

    1- iOS can’t handle simple tasks such as downloading a PDF file

    2- iOS is not compatible with most software products out there and the App Store doesn’t have lots of pc games or apps

    3- You can’t plug a flash drive into it

    4- It’s way to expensive and you can spend this much money on a good pc

    5- No headphone jack

    6- You can’t put disks into it

    7- iOS is just simply horrible and limits you so much on what you can do. I own a windows laptop and that’s a real computer experience. iOS is a kids’ experience


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