2018 iPad 6th Gen + Apple Pencil Review: Good For College?


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Apple’s latest, cheapest iPad is really great. Its specs are fair for the $329 price tag and has gained support for the Apple Pencil. It’s a perfect supplementary device for any student, but there’s no way that I could use only this device for my four years at university; as good as this iPad is, I’d still recommend buying a MacBook for college. For everybody else, it’s just a really great, cheap iPad.

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22 replies
  1. Alpha Delta X
    Alpha Delta X says:

    What are you going to do with really high specs on an iPad? it doesn't even have a file browser, mouse support, SUB flash drive/ SSD/HDD support, no desktop apps/ websites.
    Specs really make sense on a Surface GO/Pro which are actual computers in tablet mode.

  2. Saul Martinez
    Saul Martinez says:

    32 GB or 128 GB?
    I’m an accounting major. Will only use this for PDF files, notes (which won’t be excessive) , PowerPoints, Word docs & media consumption. Thanks!

  3. Donna Huey
    Donna Huey says:

    Hi I watch your videos all the time and I have learned a lot but I need a new I Pad and not sure witch one to get all I usually do on my pad is watch movies surf the net play games and check emails do you think that would be good for doing all of that

  4. Azelf Mic
    Azelf Mic says:

    I’m planning on buying ipad 2018 for my school since the spring semester already started. But the problem is, idk if I should wait for the new iPad generation which rumor says it’d be released on March, or jus buy this current one? My budget for it is between $300 to $450, And I don’t think I want to get any that over this range. Anyone have advices?

  5. Lorde Darius
    Lorde Darius says:

    They let you type your notes? Have you ever been called out for the excessive clacking of the keyboard?

    There’s this one kid in my class last semester who would POUND on the spacebar AND backspace multiple times. Like CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK normal typing CLACK CLACK

  6. Nicholas Kanitra
    Nicholas Kanitra says:

    Awesome video. Just purchased an iPad for myself for Christmas. When I was in college I used a 2011 MacBook Pro as my main computer and a 2015 11inch MacBook Air. I couldn’t picture just using an iPad alone for school work.


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