2018 Ford Focus st android tablet head unit demo


Recently purchased a xtrons android tablet for my focus st to replace the sync 1 and overall pretty happy!

Only a few complaints

I don’t think the sound is as good as the ford head unit, I mean they specifically designed it to work with the speakers and the car. But the sound quality is okay for now. The fm radio does have some static, from switching the antenna from the fared plug to the old style antenna connection not a biggie right now

The stock backup camera “is not compatible” there is a bypass that kind of works but the video quality is less then good. I plan on finding one of the aftermarket back up cameras that use rca connections.

The final complaint is during the day there is a lot of glare on the screen, the angle is less then optimum for viewing dark colors. I have a custom anti glare screen protector being made and will see if that alleviates that issue

Other then that I’m super happy with the unit for now



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