2018 Chevy Equinox Reviews - Turbos & Tech!


There is no hotter segment than Compact Crossovers and Chevy hopes the third generation Equinox can push the leaders from Honda and Toyota. With three new Turbo engines (two gasoline and one diesel), the Equinox is well positioned to offer buyers a viable alternative to CR-V and RAV4.



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  1. adam stratton
    adam stratton says:

    So I saw a commercial for the "teen drivers technologies" and its just a marketing scheme. All vehicles come with this stuff. Hell Jeep and VW vehicles will even let you pull up a map on your phone to show exactly where your vehicle is. What a crock.

  2. Tony
    Tony says:

    what I am not a fan of when it comes to the Honda CRV is that dash/driver info center. It's too busy and too much computer style generated graphics. I like gauges to look at, not graphics. And the CRV center stack is too much. But personally I think it's a preference. And I like that Chevy kept the shifter closer to the driver. I am not getting my some are moving it up closer to the center stack. The Honda CRV the shifter is too close to come of the controls. The new Equinox has remote keyless entry as standard. Not sure if Honda does. But with Honda's keyless entry. You grab the door handle to unlock. What if you are wearing gloves?

  3. Jamel Moore
    Jamel Moore says:

    Overall, not a bad offering in the very competitive segment of CUVs and SUVs; just keep your options open! The CRV is definitely the choice for me personally. Especially its interior.

  4. Dan Turnpaugh
    Dan Turnpaugh says:

    I think the shiny plastic stuff around air vents and gear shift looks to much and want to see how it looks on a sunny day when sun is shining in the windows and if that plastic blinds you while driving.


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