2018 Alpinestars Tech Air Touring Jackets Review at RevZilla.com


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2018 Alpinestars Tech Air Touring Jackets Review

Alpinestars isn’t messing around. For 2018, touring riders have two hardcore, four-season jacket options that come equipped with TechAir airbag technology. The Revenant and the Yaguara jackets offer far more than just airbags, with technical textiles and top-rated armor for miles of touring protection. Thoughtful touches ensure rider comfort and adaptability to changing weather conditions for confidence on any journey.



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  1. Bredaxe
    Bredaxe says:

    Poor guy is packed in like the sausage my nonna used to make. Why do the big Euro manufacturers keep refusing money from the big and tall market? Do they not like to see us big guys wearing their gear? I've shopped non stop for 3 weeks on Revzilla and the brands that actually make real 4 and 5xl gear are constantly sold out. I say real because a 48in chest isn't s 5xl, lol.

    Alpine stars, Dianese, Oxford, Cortech; seems like you could trip over a rock and fall on 12 of their jackets at any time.


    Anthony, thanks for making such great informative video's, you have made my life easier with your info on the products I buy….Can you also work for Macy's, Starbucks, AARP, DisneyLand….I would love to hear you explaining rides & what to expect on the RollerCoaster!!! LOL


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