2017 12.9" iPad Pro Review - ProMotion seals the deal


12.9″ iPad Pro►https://bhpho.to/2t0TCzj Apple Price Guide► http://prices.appleinsider.com
Apple updates it 12.9″ iPad Pro to catch up with its smaller sibling with a simultaneous release as the 10.5″ making it once again the best and most powerful tablet, especially for creatives.



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  1. Bob the Avenger
    Bob the Avenger says:

    Another You Tube poster who talks and conveys information too fast. Apparently, one of the main qualifications for posting on You Tube is that you have no idea how to create an effective video. Babble away, buddy.

  2. Daniel R.
    Daniel R. says:

    I got the 512GB 12.9 iPad Pro 2 wi†h LTE, Apple Pencil & the Smart Keyboard. Been running it on the latest version of iOS 11 now, really enjoying it. Wish the Apple Keyboard had backlights, as I tend to do a lot of typing at night and am obligated to raise the iPad’s screen brightness to compensate. I have been looking for a back silicone protection cover, for the new 12.9” and I can’t find one anywhere. The older one from the 1st gen 12.9 doesn’t fit because of the camera size differences on the 2nd Gen. I hate the leather sleeve they have as I dislike the obligation of constantly putting my large iPad Pro in there and pulling it out, the risk of dropping it increases significantly IMHO. I really need the silicone back cover ASAP to protect my investment, if anyone finds one for the new 2017 (second gen) 12.9 iPad Pro 2 please do inform me! I’d be VERY grateful. Thanks in advance and cheers!

  3. mhill
    mhill says:

    Nice! I'm liking the videos. Good nuanced detail regarding the 12W charger. I haven't heard anyone else talk about that. I think I see the effort to move away from the monotone dialogue. Sweet 👍

  4. tipoomaster
    tipoomaster says:

    Can it match refresh rates at any arbitrary rate below 120, or only those shown set rates, 24, 48, 60, etc? I.e can it adapt like Gsync to a variable framerate app?


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