2009 Mac Desktop Refresh: Mac Mini



Here I go over (In 720p High Definition) the newest features presented at http://www.apple.com/mac about the newest version of the (2009) Mac Mini. Watch for new overview of the newest in ports, connectivity, expandability, and hardware upgrades that separate this from the last generation of the Mac Mini!

Starting off with the Mac mini.where do I begin? It was introduced a couple years ago and got an update every so often. It reallydidntreceive much attention. As the introductory level Macintosh, the Mac Mini is the smallest and most affordable Mac computer. There was a lot of talk about Apple discontinuing the Mac Mini, but its not over yet! I was glad to see the Mac Mini get configuration updates and hardware boosts all around. It now comes standard with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics card, superdrive 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Due processor and 1 GB of RAM and 120GB hard drive on the $599.99 model. Now if your willing to put in another 200 bucks, you can upgrade your memory to 2GB and a 320GB hard drive. There are also some new ports on the back of the machine. It now comes with 5 USB 2.0 ports, Firewire 800 and a Mini DVI and Mini DisplayPort outputs. Since the Mac Mini is powered by a NVIDIA chipset, it now has the capabilities of running dual displays, which I think is awesome for this entry level Mac. Overall, the Mac Mini Upgrade seems awesome and Im glad Apple kept it around.




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  1. haltzy
    haltzy says:

    hey marquesbrownlee i might buy the mac mini it all looks good altough i couldnt find an awsner to this question could you reply please? anyawy i have seen a macbook and when someone plugs in a ipod, itunes INSTANTLY find the ipod and befroe a blink of an eye its already syncyed and everything is this the same with the mac book?! also did you use the mac mini for this movie? and can you use any monitor and not have to buy the mac monitor thanks man if you can awnser this!


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