13" MacBook Pro vs iPad Pro 11!


iPad Pro Link: https://amzn.to/2JWbMIK
MacBook Pro Link: https://amzn.to/2YbMBqL

Comparing the $1299 2019 MacBook Pro versus the $799 2018 iPad Pro 11!

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$1299 MacBook Pro vs $799 iPad Pro




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  1. Michael Fox
    Michael Fox says:

    I couldn't help but noticing that twice in your video you referred to the iPad Pro as a computer, rather than a tablet. I would still call it a tablet myself because of some of the limitations of iOS (though iPad OS 13 has definitely cut those down), and also because it doesn't come with a keyboard. Having said that, I have found operating the 2019 iPad Air with the smart keyboard is more enjoyable than using a laptop, and it's pretty functional for most of the things that students do at university. One of the big limitations still are the Microsoft Office apps, which on iOS are missing a number of editing functions that I normally use. Also, Microsoft hasn't yet updated them to take advantage of iPad OS; specifically to run more than one window of the same app. Ironically, Apple's office apps (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) won't even run yet on iPad OS 13 public beta 3!

  2. Edward Swardt
    Edward Swardt says:

    Thorough and well thought out. Nice video.

    I am of the opinion that iPadOS is the future for *certain industries*. This includes small businesses and specific professions such as writers (in most capacities), and even for light editing, be it video or image. Unfortunately, I do think that desktop use will still prevail in heavier things such as development and 3D rendering and animation.

  3. Paul G.
    Paul G. says:

    “If you’re trying to both that tablet and laptop experience”, I’d argue that a big benefit of having the 12.9 is the larger keyboard [folio]. I just replaced my 13 MacBook Air with the 12.9 iPad and I’m loving the typing experience with the standard size keyboard folio (I imagine typing without the folio come iOS 13 will be awesome too). Plus, having the extra screen space on the 12.9 is really nice to have for multitasking in landscape mode.


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