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  1. Jibrin Yunus
    Jibrin Yunus says:

    I could remember when Mrwhosetheboss asked who's gonna hit 10 million subscribers first, MKBHD or Linus Tech…
    I was actually very optimistic you'd be the one💚
    Congrats MKBHD 🥰… It has actually been a long journey 🙌🙌🙌

  2. SilverMaster
    SilverMaster says:

    So, Marques, I ain't here around for long but I still have two questions and would be happy if you answer them.

    1. What happened with your left eye?
    2. Is Youtube, even though it's now your workplace, still a hobby for you? Do you still like making these videos?

    It would be awesome to hear from you and thank you for making this stuff.

  3. Malak Lotfy
    Malak Lotfy says:

    It's kinda crazy watching u from 10 years ago celebrating your 100 video on YouTube and i watched this video and i was very happy, I won't lie i am not an old subscriber but i usually watch ur videos from time to time and I subscribed a year ago and u became one of my favorite YouTubers iam really happy for you ❤️ and i hope u get more and more success and subscribers 💖


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