10 New Technology Gadgets  Invention


10 New Technology Gadgets Invention

(1)ASUS Blue Cave AC2600 IoT, Alexa, IFTTT Router Launches For $180 Those of you looking for a new router might be interested in the ASUS Blue Cave =https://www.buytechnow.co.uk/

(2)Cyberdyne Brain Controlled Cyborg Legs Now Available In The US Medical hardware manufacturer Cyberdyne has this week announced the …=https://www.buytechnow.co.uk/

(3)Hidizs AP80 Hi Res Portable Music Player: Specs, Price and Features The Hidizs A P 80 is small and very portable, similar to what the A P 60 is offering in terms …=https://www.buytechnow.co.uk/

(4)Samsung launches world’s largest SSD with 30 TB of storage Samsung has launched what is believed to be the world’s largest solid state drive, =https://www.buytechnow.co.uk/

(5)Mi Mini PC Pocket Computer Now Available From $149 The Mi Mini PC is a tiny computer that’s sort of a cross between a desktop and a tablet=https://www.buytechnow.co.uk/

(6)Samsung launches VL5 and VL3 smart speakers in the U.K. Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of their new smart speaker range, VL5 and VL3 =https://www.buytechnow.co.uk/

(7)Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses Project Shutdown Those of you hoping to get your hands on the new Intel Vaunt smart glasses which were unveiled a =https://www.buytechnow.co.uk/

(8)Nemo 4K Smartphone Controlled Underwater Drone The development team at Aquarobotman have created a new ultrahigh-definition 4K …=https://www.buytechnow.co.uk/

(9)Sony Launches DPT CP1, The New 10 inch Digital Paper After in japan Japan, Sony have now started announced their new 10 inch Digital Paper =https://www.buytechnow.co.uk/

(10)Trucks are designed to travel various terrains, but not all of them can travel on water. Created by the Russian company, Avtoros, the ATV Shaman 8×8 is an =https://www.buytechnow.co.uk/

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