10.5" iPad Pro 1 Year Review - Still the BEST?


The 10.5-inch iPad Pro shocked reviewers with its incredible performance and innovative ProMotion display technology. But is it still the King of all tablets?

Let’s take another look at the 10.5″ iPad Pro after 1 year, and we’ll also discuss what the future holds for Apple’s iPad Pro.

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  1. Chan Winson
    Chan Winson says:

    My 10.5 inch has been suffering battery life issues. My user case is one note for notes taking with bluetooth on and mostly wifi off. Yet, with constant writing, it can last only for 4 hours, while usually I require at least 5-6 hours to get it through my day. Does anyone have the same problem?

  2. kushagra .kaushal
    kushagra .kaushal says:

    hi, have you noticed any white spot that is visible in white background, just above the home button? I am considering this iPad, but saw online that many people are noticing it after a year. So want to check it with you. Thanks

  3. Tamer Bekir
    Tamer Bekir says:

    I just do not see how a tablet can ever replace a laptop. Here is why, at least for me-There is no mouse support, there is no final cut pro, and there is no true version of Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. Another reason is importing videos, not just photos. While they have multitasking and the dock down packed, I cannot simply use a computer with just touching the screen. While I respect these tablets in their true power, I feel like most of its power goes unused because no one can actually use it as a computer. 

  4. Mikey Estrada
    Mikey Estrada says:

    I can do all of this on my iPhone, yet again apple still making this iPad trying to confuse ppl that this can replace a laptop. It’s so sad it’s just a gimmick it needs MacOS

  5. kinachahue
    kinachahue says:

    I just started looking for a tablet to work on photos as the desktop computer is not portable. I started with a zenpad by asus o the samsung s3 to a surface go then pro then laptop but I don't like android (though my phone is), I despise Windows 10 (have win 7 on desktop) and I've not had good experience with hp & dell laptops. I got my wife the new ipad last christmas to replace an older model and it just always works, both the old one from 2012 and the new one. The 10.5 pro I handled at best buy just seemed superior to the windows/android tablets. I just missed an open box deal at b&h for 499 so now I may as well wait for the new ones to reduce price of this 2nd gen model, unless I see another deal. Cheers.

  6. Stephen Matta
    Stephen Matta says:

    I love my iPad Pro 10.5. My only deal I have with it is that it doesn’t support FCPX. It would be amazing to just carry an iPad around traveling or on business and be able to post edit video


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