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27 replies
  1. Patrick Jordan
    Patrick Jordan says:

    THANK YOU! I thought that I was the only one who knew that WORK was not a 4-letter word that had to be hidden behind point and clink heiroglyphics for hand-flapping adult autists. With no experience with Mac other than it's out of my paygrade, I and others KNOW (not believe) that the last perfect PRODUCTION program was Windows XP where I could do more with that program than any of the fad following children could even IMAGINE to do with their toys.

  2. lazyhand licht
    lazyhand licht says:

    i can see them all now crawling cross country on their bellies… when the dust settles ..all that could be counted will be gone, the "uncountable" will be all that remains

  3. Shane Roper
    Shane Roper says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't "faith" require the utilization of irrational thought….?
    Aside from that, your the person I'll come too for your observational views on any computer I wish to purchase, based on the tasks I wish to accomplish. Ya. I mean that. Fashizzle..

  4. Ryan Stark
    Ryan Stark says:

    It depends exactly what you’re doing though. There are some things that you can install on the ipad which do make it a great production tool. One of the best examples would be Procreate which is an incredible drawing tool beating most things on desktop. For photography though or many other multimedia applications, then obviously OSX on the Air is better.

  5. Ryan Stark
    Ryan Stark says:

    One of the great things about youtube and social media in general is having to deal with stupidity on a constant basis. It homes you ability to deal with it.

  6. Al Kyder
    Al Kyder says:

    I've always been a huge Macintosh fan, often running Suse, I have never owned an apple product, When I saw how they ported dashboard to run on iCrap I bought my last MB Pro
    iPads suck Huawei rules even the air had the same bus speed it had 20 years ago. Accountants destroy American made.
    I only use Huawei phablets now, I would never buy another laptop. I'm holding more processing power than all my Macintoshes combined. Blue tooth and screen casting rule now. I could go on and on but, I won't 😎😂🤣😂

  7. arsenikkkk
    arsenikkkk says:

    IT professional here: working from iPad 80% of my time. I also heard digital artists consider iPad a better "productivity tool" than Macbook. It was a media consumption device may be 3 years ago. Now, I can see a lot of scenarios when iPad outperforms laptops in terms of convenience and speed. May not be for every task yet, but it's getting there

  8. Nicholas Davidson
    Nicholas Davidson says:

    I've only used ipad as a youtube watching device. The iPad was given to me. Who would even think to start using an ipad for being productive. Maybe if it's the only device you have and you are usually broke and homeless. but it's just much smarter to buy a device that can give you productivity and leisure and knowledge all in one. Considerations: is it smooth fast and efficient. Does it stay cool and maintain performance. Is it durable and have lots of aftermarket support (glass screen protector. Cases wireless charging/magnetic coupling) Can it be mobile as soon as there is that demand. Most importantly Does it make me money? Or else you are throwing your life energy down a hole. Lean your life people . Kaizen

  9. M S
    M S says:

    Thank you, I’ve never understood why people add all these peripherals to a tablet, only to turn it into a mediocre at best, laptop. If you’re going to do that, just use a freaking laptop! I can see a a basic keyboard integrated into the screen cover, but that’s it. It’s just not a great productivity platform unless you’re drawing or something like that. I’m not picking on Apple, I don’t see how the Surface is so popular for productivity, but it is. But I will concede, the new Neo and Duo are the best options yet and are very compelling. Especially the Duo.

  10. Lee Power
    Lee Power says:

    Hi Ken I hope you are doin well. Quick question I'm sure you've been bombarded with this one already. Best affordable meter to use to detect 5g and its potential dangerous levels/frequencies?

  11. XLColdJ
    XLColdJ says:

    Yes, indeed. Some time ago I bought a 2018 iPad Pro and a 2018 Macbook Pro expecting them to work seamlessly together and have a similar "professional experience" across both devices. I was surprised to discover how limited the filesystem is, and more surprised to find out that a "pro" iPad doesn't have any useful system activity monitor or management tools. It's more like a scaled-up iPhone than a scaled-down Macbook. It's useful sometimes, but definitely not worthy of being called a professional product.

  12. David Choate
    David Choate says:




    nearsighted.lacking imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight.

    "the government still has a myopic attitude to public spending"


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